I May Not Be Doing this Right

You’re probably reading the title of this article and thinking “What does he mean by ‘Doing this Right’?”

I follow a large number of blogs and I love the many ways people have taken the Blogging Concept and made it their own. However, one thing makes me stop and wonder:

Are we writing Articles or merely Posts as with Social Media like Facebook?

Speaking for myself, I treat each installment as if I were back writing articles for my college newspaper, only opinion-based as if I were writing a column. That’s part of my writing background and though I specialize in writing Fiction, I enjoy putting together articles for entertainment and information. I suppose that’s the Ole Aspiring Journalist making itself known.

Is there a right way or wrong way to do this? I pose this question not to drastically alter how I write these things, but to understand how things work according to those who have done this a lot longer than I. I really want your input and offer profuse thank yous in advance. 🙂


15 thoughts on “I May Not Be Doing this Right

  1. Quite frankly, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing! I would love to think I’m writing brilliant content-driven articles, but in reality? Mostly ranting or personal memoirishy stuff. Good thing there seems to be room for everyone. 🙂

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  2. The first time I signed up here under the name blahgurl, I thought I’d be blogging mostly self-thought of and written poems. It was too taxing. So I did another account, rainefairy, which was more of a smorgasboard– anything goes. Now, I have my tweakandshout. It’s mostly acrostics, acrostic haiku, rhymes… and 50-word stories. I try to include any 2 of these in whatever it is I’m blogging. But I always make it a point to share photos of the beauty I see all around me.
    Honestly though, there is no rule. You are in WP to blog. As a blogger, you choose your own category and try to focus on it.
    Happy blogging! 🙂


  3. I’m still learning as I go, but it does seem as if personal topics (likes/interests/events) generate more interest than the factual ones I’ve written. Which works for me, since it’s much easier to write too. But I think you have to do what pleases you most first.

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  4. I read an interesting article on Janice Wald’s Mostly Blogging yesterday about whether you want your blog to be popular or if you should even care. It was pretty cool. Turns out the most popular subjects to blog about are food, fashion, kids, crafts and photography. (There might have been one or two more, I’m just going from memory) Anyway, writing was NOT one of the popular blog subjects! Seems to me, if you found your niche and your blog makes you happy, who the hell cares if you’re doing it “right?” You seem to have a nice group of engaged followers, so keep it up!

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  5. For me blogging is a way of keeping track and logging the 10,000 hours it takes to become an outlier. Only the future will tell if the second part becomes fruitful. In the mean time I’m finding my voice. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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  6. I started out wanting to do more article type posts, but that got boring for me real quick lol I try not to stress about what I write about too much. I just try to be me and if others like it then great and if not then oh well 🙂

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