Dragging My Feet

I generally talk a good game about embracing Change and emphasizing its positive benefits. After all, The Universe doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Well, okay it does, but not in the way that I mean. I’ve been dragging my feet in implementing some items on my website (http://www.wwcassjr.com) for some time now because there’s a part of me that is still holding on to that youthful fantasy about what it means to be a writer. But Change is inevitable and you have to go with it if Progress is to be made.

Here are a few changes that are now in place:

1) A Mailing List and Sign-Up Form: There’s something unromantic about putting a mechanism in place to notify people of new developments. However, it would be the height of naivety and a little arrogant to assume that just because there are people who like my work that the carrier pigeons are flying far and wide with news of my activities.

2) Patreon: I’ve made no secret that I am dubious about crowdfunding, but I prefer to leave my options open. After all, my personal funds are not extensive so every little bit helps.

And now, for The Future:

1) Newsletters: I’m not exactly sure how I will tackle this one, but I’m fairly sure that it will involve some writing and if there is one thing I do know, it’s Writing.

Hmm, I thought there would be more to this article than this but the important stuff is out there. Thanks for your time and enjoy your weekend. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Dragging My Feet

  1. You just gave some idea for my own Wix Wallace, The template flows, “Change is inevitable” very true statement, we can’t go backwards and pause time, that would do no one any good, We could opt to focus on the present but that minute just flew by and is now in the past, the only option left is to release the “youthful fantasy” retaining a portion for memory keepsake and press forward.

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  2. I’ve simply surrendered, willing to follow the muse when she appears, more often working to discipline myself to show up and write every day.

    Good post!

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