The New Quarter, Day 1

Today is the first official day that I’m working on Lights and Shadows. Sounds impressive, right? It is and I love working on new projects. However, my mind still goes back to Parallax. Yes, I know that it’s only been a week or two since I released it, but I never shifted completely away from that project and so, like a passionate and ultimately doomed relationship, I still get hung up over it.

Don’t get me wrong, when a project is finished, it’s finished. That’s the time to either take a break or turn your attentions to the next big story. I chose to move to Lights and Shadows because it had sat on hold for far too long and needed to be completed. I consider unfinished stories worse than bad stories because at least a bad story has realized its potential. An unfinished story is just that: unfinished. All the work that went into it now dangles in Limbo, a place that no creative work should be allowed to inhabit for too long. Deleting would be a kinder option, but we all know that we keep things around because we see something in them that justifies their existence.

So, now I’m sitting here writing this article while staring at another instance of Scrivener open to Lights and Shadows while a 1 Liter bottle of Mountain Dew sits defrosting in a coaster next to the laptop. Defrosting? The thing sat in my fridge next to a water bottle. The soda froze, but the water was untouched by Cold Miser’s frigid touch. Some kind of weird Cosmic Thingy is obviously at play here.

2015’s Last Quarter. Wow, this year is really flying by. Four books released, a fifth one on deck and the Blog is becoming more popular than I expected, which makes me happy because although I keep low expectations, I enjoy having them surpassed despite momentary bouts of confusion…hehe.

Anyway, I must turn my attentions back to Lights and Shadows while the rain beats a drum beat outside my window that would make Ringo jealous.

Thanks, Guys. 🙂


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  1. Good luck on your next WIP! I just stared (well, restarted lol) mine a few days ago. My fingers are crossed that I can get a lot written this month!

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