A Liebster Award has found Me


I’ve seen this floating around lately and I’m humbled that one of them found its way to me. The Liebster Award is awarded to new blogs in recognition of their value within the community and to promote them.


Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, Thanks to Izzyasabee at https://izzyasabee.wordpress.com. This is really cool. 🙂

I have to answer some questions, so here we go:

How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing since I was 10 years old so almost 40 years now.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

The Blog started as a promotional extension of my website (http://www.wwcassjr.com). Over time, it took on a life of its own.

What kind of things do you enjoy reading?

I mostly enjoy reading Sci-Fi, but I am an eclectic reader who reads almost anything. When I am working on writing projects of my own, I stick strictly to non-fiction works.

What is your biggest writing dream?

My biggest writing dream is to work full-time as a novelist. I’m almost there, but these things take time and patience.

What is an item on your bucket list?

Probably the first item is to have a Bucket List. I’ve done a lot of things in my life so I don’t feel that I’m missing out on much.

Tell us something unique about yourself. (okay – so it isn’t a question.)

The most unique thing about me is my ability to go against most societal conventions and become successful in spite of obstacles. I’m also great at being independent.

Favorite method of transportation?

My favorite method of transportation used to be flying, but with all the added regulations and cost, driving replaced that in short order…hehe.

Are you addicted to social media?

Addicted is a strong word. I recognize the value of social media and that like everything, it has a downside to it. I try to keep things in moderation as much as I can.

Can you tell us a “where I was when . . .” a significant moment in history happened story?

When the Cold War ended in December 1991, I was on active duty with the Navy in Mississippi. None of us could grasp at first the significance of the USSR collapsing or how the world would change after that.

What is your favorite season and why?

My favorite season has to be Spring because it embodies such promise and renewed life. Plus I get to put the winter coats away for a while.

Did you enjoy answering these questions or did it frustrate you to be asked to do it? (Be honest.)
These were interesting questions that I enjoyed answering.

My nominees for The Liebster Award are:
1. Poppy’s Best of Books @ https://poppysbestofbooks.wordpress.com
2. Dan Alatorre-AUTHOR @ http://danalatorre.com
3. A Little Bird Tweets @ http://alittlebirdtweets.com
4. The Beauty of Words @ http://cathleentownsend.com
5. Meg Sorick-writes better than she dresses @ http://drmegsorick.com
6. cwa115’s Blog @ https://cwa115.wordpress.com
7. Eve Messenger’s OtherWORDly Endeavors @ http://evemessenger.com
8. the coastal quill @ https://thecoastalquill.wordpress.com
9. The Falling Thoughts @ http://thefallingthoughts.com
10. Protest the Chaos with Splashes of Beauty @ http://trudistreasures.com
11. Dreamhowl’s Playscape @ https://dreamhowl.wordpress.com

Here are my Questions for you lucky folks:
1. Do you feel that Writing is a Craft or an Art Form?
2. Where we came from is as important as where we are going. Agree or Disagree?
3. I believe in hopeful futures. What do you believe in?
4. What is your dream vacation?
5. Did that last question snap you out of deep thoughts?
6. It has been said that everything has already been written. What are your thoughts on that?
7. This is a long list of questions, isn’t it?
8. What do you like to read most?
9. It has been said that Truth is stranger than Fiction. What is one strange truth that you know?
10. Is it possible to truly agree to disagree?
11. Did you find these questions interesting or difficult? Please be honest and Thanks. 🙂
I am truly honored by this award and I hope that those I pass this along to feel the same way. You guys rock. 🙂

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