Why You Should Be Careful About Who You Label a ‘Friend’

This resonates with me on a number of levels due to some unpleasant past experiences. Well-worth reading.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Several months ago I wrote about being careful with the people with which you surround yourself; control your friend group. Do you know who your true friends are?  Not acquaintances, but true-blue friends.  “Go to bat for you no matter what” friends. “Tell you the truth no matter what” friends.  Not social buddies, but true friends.

photo 3Life has a way of weeding people out and revealing those that have our best interest in mind.  Time eventually shows the truth in individuals.  I came across an article by Kelly O’Brien a couple of days ago titled “Want to Know Who Your True Friends Are?”  In that article a couple paragraphs struck me dead solid:

You may never know who your true friends are until life throws you an unwelcome curveball. When this happens and the friends or family you thought would help carry you through don’t, you go through stages…

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