Parallax vs Lights and Shadows

This is the first time that I’ve written an article like this so if I stumble, try to be kind in the comments…hehe.

Parallax and Lights and Shadows have a unique relationship because one essentially spawned the other although they are two separate and distinct entities. Today, I’m going to compare and contrast the two stories without giving away Spoilers (If that’s at all possible).


1. Released on Createspace and Amazon on 9/18/15.

2. Set in the Year 2223, it involves space fighter pilot, John Pratt at the end of a war with the reptilian Locknar Hegemony. By this time in History, Mankind has moved out into the Milky Way and established colonies. Along they way, they’ve met two alien races, an octopoid race known as the Parans, who they became allies with, and The Locknar, who they pissed off to the point where the lizards decided to throw down. Things like this happen when you set up a colony on someone else’s world without asking.

3. Parallax establishes the Trilogy’s Universe, which was a task in itself and why it went from a standalone book to Book 1 of 3. More on that later…

4. Parallax deals more with shadowy themes that the normal citizen wouldn’t experience overtly, which of course, makes our intrepid main characters’ lives more interesting.

Lights and Shadows:

1. Currently a work in progress, but I expect to have it done and released by 12/8/15.

2. Also set in the Year 2223, but just after the events described in Parallax. Here we meet Zack Moreau, unconventional investigator (Interstellar Cop), who finds himself “rewarded” for outstanding service in bringing in dangerous criminals with a transfer to Special Investigations because although Crime took a break during the Locknar War, as soon as the Treaty’s ink dried, they were back in business. Unfortunately for Moreau, his old-fashioned approach to Law Enforcement has made him a tad radioactive.

3. Lights and Shadows expand the Parallax Universe by showing different characters doing things in another place. It’s also definitely a standalone book unless there is a demand for a sequel. Only Time will tell on that one.

4. Lights and Shadows is a fairly straightforward Good Guys vs Bad Guys Theme, which gives it more of an In-Your-Face Quality. I wanted this story to be both high-tech and gritty at the same time. Plus a little bit of Scary. We can all use a little bit of Scary from time to time. 😉

In conclusion, I would say that if these two books were musical themes that Parallax would be like Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries while Lights and Shadows would be like Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

Cheerful thought, eh? 🙂


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