The Story Idea: First Flash

I find that I have two favorite parts when it comes to writing a story: The First Flash when I get the original idea and the next when writing the last sentence because by that point I’m tired of the story and want it finished.

But let’s rewind…

The First Flash is when that idea pops into your head. Anything can spark an idea. Something you read, a random conversation, anything at all can plant that seed in your imagination. It’s a lot like meeting that special someone for the first time. You get excited, a little light-headed, and your entire being opens up to the possibilities that lay ahead.

It’s an intoxicating feeling to say the least.

The Original Story Idea is important because it is probably the purest and simplest form you will ever get for the story you are about to create. It can also be the most ambitious because it hasn’t been filtered yet through Research, Revision, and the necessary planning involved to turn it from a simple idea to a fully developed story.

Write. It. Down.

No matter what form the idea will eventually take, you should write it down in its initial state because you want to capture that original thought. I consider this an important step because you want to consider it as the foundation for what is to become and it’s pretty cool to look back at the finished story and remember where it all came from.

The most important thing to me is to fall in love with each story idea. Granted, most ideas have the potential to languish in the Idea Folder for a while, but that can have a positive effect because when we revisit something with a fresh perspective, we often come up with new ways to write about it. That’s always a good thing.

Did I mention writing your ideas down?


Monday Surprise

This morning I got an expected surprise when the Day Job Owner advanced me the funds to buy a new AC Adapter. Suffice it to say that I was extremely grateful and immediately ran to my local computer store to make the purchase.

What have I learned from this brief experience? Well, besides that the old adage “Shit Happens” is true on many levels, I learned that our perceptions of people are filtered through our experience and that people are full of surprises. Also, that Surprises are not always bad things so keep a little unpredictability in your Life.

I also learned that I suck where it comes to Downtime. I love keeping busy and when I am forced to stay still (except when sleeping), I don’t feel like I’m making a difference with my world. Don’t get me wrong, relaxing is important.

I will leave you now with The Saying of The Day:

“Vomiting is your stomach’s way of saying that it’s sending the meal back to the Kitchen.” 😉