The A to Z of Writing Science Fiction

A well-written and concise article on writing Sci-Fi. A blogger well worth following. 🙂

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How to Write Science Fiction A to ZHow to Write a Science Fiction Novel: Start with 26 Key Elements

Science fiction allows authors greater freedom than perhaps any other genre. But the complexity needed for science fiction and fantasy writing can be daunting and leave even the most experienced writers exhausted.  Author P. Wish presents a 26-point checklist for plausible and authentic science fiction — an A to Z guide for how to write sci-fi.


A- Attack Start with a bang. Every story needs a strong opening.
B- Blow it up Science fiction usually consists of blown up situations. Whether is is aliens taking over the Earth, or black holes or a dystopian novel, they contain situations that are blown up versions of reality.
C- Characters Characters are the backbone of any story. Create realistic, fleshed out characters. Take time to know your characters before you begin writing. Many science fiction stories ignore characters.
D- Danger An element…

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