Chaos Poetry Time

I like to play with words. That being said, it’s time for a poem:

“Chaos Poetry”

I watched a mime get hit by a truck

Too much speed, not enough luck

He didn’t make use of the time he’s got

If he were a dog, his name would be Spot

Radiation in the Atmosphere

God, I hope it doesn’t come over here

If it does, it may cause harm

If I’m really lucky, I’ll finally get that third arm

Aliens in Space are avoiding us

Confusing we are, unable to suss

One day we may meet them out there

By then I’ll be dead so it’s hard to care

A page at a time a book is written

One then two until the last

To Createspace and Amazon the manuscript goes

What was once the Future then becomes the Past

This poem has gone on too long

If it had music, it might have been a song

I’ll say one thing if it’s the last I do

This kind of chaos is hard to undo


Me and My Writing

It occurs to me recently that I haven’t provided much in the way of getting to know me and my writing. Of course, there’s the “About” section of the Blog (Thoughts, Musings, and Storytelling), but that boilerplate will only take you so far. So, without further ado, here’s some things about Me and My Writing:

1) Who am I?

My name is Wallace W. Cass Jr., and I am a Sci-Fi Adventure Author who works a Day Job when he’s not publishing books on I served seven years in the US Navy, worked in both State and Federal Government, and currently make my home in Southeastern Pennsylvania. I enjoy good friends, good food, and good times. Sometimes a little too much but I also put in my fair share of exercise time to keep the tonnage under control and to save me from being a target of U-Boats and marauding bands of environmentalists who often try to push me back into the water when I’m at the Beach. 😉

2) How long have I been writing?

My earliest memory of doing stories was making up fictional battle logs that I got the idea from reading old WWII books at the Age of 10. As I got older, I got into Music and learned to play a number of instruments like the French Horn, Trombone, Baritone Horn, and on to the Guitar, which I still pick up and strum every now and again. I used to write song lyrics and compose music, but when the Novel Bug hit me at Age 17, I knew that while I loved playing Music, Creative Writing was where it was at for me.

3) Have you been published?

Traditionally, no, but I tried to interest publishers and agents for a long time and have a nice collection of rejection slips to show for my efforts…hehe. At the suggestion of a friend back in 2014, I explored the possibility of self-publishing on I have never regretted that decision and though I am new to the field, I feel that I improve with each book I put out. Plus, it’s fun.

4) Where can I find your books?

My official website is at

I have an Amazon Author Central Page at There you can find the latest information about current releases and sign up for notifications when my next book will come out.

I’m also on Goodreads at

5) What about Social Media?

Glad you asked:

LinkedIn Profile Page:

Facebook Author Page:

Facebook Personal Page:

Google+ Page:

Twitter Page:

6) What are your Writing Goals?

My goals are what they’ve always been and that’s to write quality stories that I am proud to read and share with the world at large. I would rather deal with the slings and arrows of putting myself out there than feel the regret of not having done what I love most.

This is obviously not a complete list, but I think it’s enough to get an idea of who I am and what I do. Please feel free to check out me and my work.

7) Do you have any unusual quirks that you would like to share?

Yes, but only one for now. Every New Year’s Day, I like to pick a personal motto that will sum up the year to come. In 2015, my motto is “Ever Forward”. 2014’s was “Gravity is Oppressive”, but that one neither inspired nor motivated me…hehe.

8) Do you plan on doing this again?

Probably, but this is the first time I’ve put out so much information at one time so I want to see what effect it will have. It really depends on the response I get.

9) Wrap Up?

Well, that’s it for this article and I want to thank you for reading and following. Have a great day. 🙂

The A to Z of Writing Science Fiction

A well-written and concise article on writing Sci-Fi. A blogger well worth following. 🙂

readers+writers journal

How to Write Science Fiction A to ZHow to Write a Science Fiction Novel: Start with 26 Key Elements

Science fiction allows authors greater freedom than perhaps any other genre. But the complexity needed for science fiction and fantasy writing can be daunting and leave even the most experienced writers exhausted.  Author P. Wish presents a 26-point checklist for plausible and authentic science fiction — an A to Z guide for how to write sci-fi.


A- Attack Start with a bang. Every story needs a strong opening.
B- Blow it up Science fiction usually consists of blown up situations. Whether is is aliens taking over the Earth, or black holes or a dystopian novel, they contain situations that are blown up versions of reality.
C- Characters Characters are the backbone of any story. Create realistic, fleshed out characters. Take time to know your characters before you begin writing. Many science fiction stories ignore characters.
D- Danger An element…

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