How to Cure Boring Writing~Keeping Your Novel From Dragging On, and On, and On….

We’ve all been through this. 😉

Empty Shelves

Have you ever been writing, just minding your own business, as your characters run around, doing their stuff, advancing the story line, furthering their own development, ultimately inching the story ever closer to its explosive climax and gripping conclusion, when you suddenly realized that

A. You are absolutely bored to tears, and

B. You can barely stand to read what you’ve written

Well, if this happens to you, never fear! Unless this is your usual state of writing, in which case I recommend you find a new hobby, or job, or whatever the case may be~one which doesn’t involve writing. But if this is just a temporary affliction, there are several easy fixes which will help you keep your writing fresh and exciting for you, and more importantly, for your readers. Because if even you are bored by your writing, that’s only going to be compounded for your readers. Here…

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