Make It Your Own

Apparently I missed a day with the recent reblogs so here’s a little catch-up. WARNING: If you haven’t read the following stories, they are available on Amazon and of course, I highly recommend them. 😉

Those of you who know me know that I am a huge fan of original creative works and by original, I mean the execution of an idea using the Writer’s own style and voice.

The Title of this particular article is “Make It Your Own”. It refers to an old saying where you take something that may have been coined by someone else and use it as part of your personal identity. As I have been known to do in The Past, I like to put my own spin on things.

For Example, when I wrote Corona, I took the garden variety Ghost Story in a Hotel and added a twist by making it more high-tech in nature. In essence, I made the idea of supernatural goings-on my own.

In Vessel, I took a Detective Story and set it in The Future with Spaceships and Aliens along for additional flavor.

In The Three Safeties, I took the trusty Time Travel Story and added my own particular spin on it.

Ideas are free game. Only the execution determines how individual to the Writer they become. I’ve always found it helpful to think of Beef Stew. The dish is a very simple and basic recipe to follow, but there is probably an infinite diversity in what you can add to it. Ideas are the same thing.

Remember to season to taste. 🙂