Vision vs Result

If you’re anything like me, you generally have an idea of the story you’re going to write and where it’s going. It’s an exciting time where the possibilities are endless and the wonder doesn’t cease.

The Initial Writing Phase is probably my most favorite time because that is my Vision is fresh and hasn’t been filtered yet through the hours of planning and writing yet to come. Times like these remind me why I decided to become a writer and I hope you feel the same way too.

*cue dramatic Dun-Dun-Dun Music*

Then the Writing Marathon takes place, and those endless possibilities and ceaseless wonders cram themselves down a creative funnel and come out quite different on the other side. Perhaps the original idea was too complicated or required more research to bring to life. Or perhaps, a point gets reached where the Plot seems to go in circles or is stuck in a Sargasso Sea of Meh and needs to be either delayed or abandoned entirely. Such is the stuff of Legend and Idea Folders.

On the other hand, something truly magical may emerge from the weeping and gnashing of teeth; something that makes you stop and say to yourself “Wow, I wrote that?” That is what make all the hours worthwhile.

However it turns out, The Story will always dictate the end Result and no amount of preplanning will change that. Don’t fret, it’s a good thing because if Creativity were able to be distilled into a single formula, then it wouldn’t be the unique and special creature that we know it to be. It also wouldn’t be as capricious as we know it to be, which would be a shame because everyone should have a little unpredictability in their lives.

4 thoughts on “Vision vs Result

  1. Such truth. People treat me as if I’m nuts when I get inspired by a bizarre instant but manage to get an entire story out of it. And at other times, I have a great story, but the character, cursed characters, has his own mind and the whole thing veers terribly off path and though I am writing, I get the sense that I’m hanging on by my fingertips, waiting to find out where this will go and if it will end in a massive literary trainwreck.

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