The View From The Trenches

I’m not a professional blogger. My page is fairly plain and there is rarely a script to what I write my articles on. It’s just you, me, and whatever topic trips my trigger at a given moment.

I like to think of these articles as you and I sitting down over coffee or whatever beverage you prefer, to shoot the breeze about anything and everything. The topics could be Writing, Current Events, annoying things some schmuck did at the deli counter, anything at all.

I’m a traditional writer using some very untraditional methods to get my name and work out there. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be personable with you all and I love making new friends.

Granted, this blog is intended to keep you all informed on what I’m up to, what stories I’m working on, and of course, the everyday announcements of what’s coming out next on Amazon.

What I won’t do is give you bad advice, try to convince you to see things a particular way, or even to buy my books. Let’s face it, I’m biased as Hell about my work and that’s not conducive to a balanced opinion on them. I’m sure that some marketing guru will contact me to tell me that I’m not doing this right but who cares?

So, let’s all have some fun and let our Opinion Banners fly. Feel free to move the furniture around to your liking. 😉

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