Blog Lag

I have grown to love blogging. Sharing my thoughts with you all one of the joys of my existence. However, I’ve become aware that I’ve become preoccupied with writing witty blog articles at the expense of my writing projects.

Which brings us to today’s topic: Blog Lag.

Blog Lag is a phenomenon where you find yourself careening back and forth between dashing off a funny or informative article for the blog and hunkering down to do some unrelated writing. In my case, it’s my fiction novels, which demand more time and effort from me on the whole than the blog. By the way, don’t look up the term, I made it up for the purposes of this discussion. I’m a fiction writer; it’s what I do. 🙂

On the surface, this would appear to be either a Time Management issue or competing obsessions fighting for dominance. I prefer to think of it as one form of Writing that allows me to play hooky from another form of Writing. Both are important and beneficial, but since I can’t clone myself (yet), I have to schedule my time between blogging and working on my books.

Usually at this point, I start breaking things down and figuring out ways to either combat them or enhance their effectiveness.

Not in this case.

The truth is that if Blog Lag is a problem, then I’m doing much better than I think I am. Why? Because no matter what option I pick, I am still writing and sharing content with you all and that’s the most important thing to strive for here. 🙂