Heckling Your Email

Here’s a fun activity you can do when you are trying to get your Writing Mojo going.

1) Open your email client.

2) Go down both your Inbox and your Spam Folders.

3) Make fun of each email as you go. Don’t hit Reply. 😉

Why would I advocate picking on poor defenseless emails whose only purpose in Life is to inform? Because you can and it can be a fun exercise to get those Creative Muscles limbered up for a long writing session.

Did I mention that it was fun?

In an electronic world filled with Nigerian Princes who apparently live in places like Japan (yes, I know how to decipher email addresses), scammers who use more boilerplate than an shipyard, and Spambots who exercise little more originality than when we kids back in the 80s who would order a dozen pizzas for a neighbor we didn’t like, it’s a good karmic payback for filling up our email boxes with such useless 1s and 0s.

A final piece of advice:

If you live with someone or have a family, you might want to pick times when you don’t get the Wandering Eye of Suspicion on you or prepare to do a lot of explaining, Lucy.

Finally, if you do this right, Mike, Joel, Crow, Tom Servo, Dr. Forrester, TVs Frank, Pearl and a host of other Parody Gods will smile upon you. If not, then you can just chuckle amongst yourselves. 🙂