A Dash of Ego Deflation

I’m often tempted when writing these articles to give in to the urge to believe my own hype. Yes, it happens and it has to happen because we write in a vacuum.

I often tell others not to take themselves or Social Media too seriously because when we leave that safe and comfortable vacuum, we run into something that jars our carefully-crafted personal reality.

*cue dramatic music*

Other….people’s opinions….

Recently, I had a falling out with an old friend due to a difference of opinion on Facebook. Yes, I was in the wrong but I was so wrapped up in my own self-importance that I couldn’t possibly acknowledge my fault and pettiness.

Yes, I was willing to end a 10 Year friendship over a disagreement that I actually started, because I began a philosophical discussion that quickly spun out of my control. For three months, there was silence and a nonstop spate of blocking and actively ignoring their requests to talk.

I never said that I wasn’t prone to pettiness. I’m human, after all.

The other night, we finally opened a dialog over the phone and hashed everything out. Before I knew it, I was apologizing for my previous behavior and acknowledging my impulse to do what my little sister calls being a “Serial Dumper”.

Suffice it to say that the experience taught me that if we don’t check our egos on a regular and consistent basis, they can grow to the point where they become the monster that ate Cleveland. Poor Cleveland, they’re like the US equivalent of Tokyo in that monsters love to mess with them.

Anyway, that’s my mini-confessional for today. A good friendship was saved and I learned a valuable life lesson. Now, I’m off to beat up my poor hero in Parallax. Have a good one. 🙂