I’ve been blessed with an abundance of patience. I’ve also been blessed with a very Irish Temper and there are times when the two come into conflict.

Exercising Patience involves dealing with unpleasant people in such a way that you don’t end up punching them in the face.

Exercising Patience involves trying to understand an opposing point of view without going Nuclear.

Exercising Patience involves shrugging off blatant attempts to provoke you without responding in kind.

Patience is a virtue or so the saying goes. What the saying doesn’t expand upon is that like most virtues, it takes a lot of self-control to keep yourself in check. Self-Control is the hallmark of a disciplined person.

Yes, there are times when my Patience reaches its limit and I have to do what my Father used to call “Drop Checking their Landing Gears”. Now, I don’t advocate violence by any means, but I have found that utilizing a proportional amount of push back can create a desired effect.

Finally, exercising Patience doesn’t make you a pushover. In fact, it makes you a mature individual who knows their limits and acts accordingly.

Damn, still not cheerful enough of a topic. Been one of those days…hehe.

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