Writing Advice

Google the phrase “Writing Advice” and you will get about 477,000,000 hits from various sources. 477,000,000! Try it, it will boggle your mind. It also bears out that old adage that opinions are like a certain body part….

I don’t give writing advice. To me it serves no purpose to tell someone how to write when I can do a much better job at creating understanding through discussing the general concepts that surround storytelling and let the reader take what they will from it.

Let’s face it: The only true way to become a better writer is to WRITE. Reading books on Writing will get you part of the way and while reading other writers doesn’t hurt, they only impart examples while not explaining the theories behind them. I was flabbergasted recently when I encountered someone who loved Writing but hated Grammar. Hated Grammar? Honestly, that’s like a carpenter who hates wood.

Writing isn’t easy. In fact, it’s damned hard because you need to bring a wide variety of skills into play to take a story from vague idea to finished product. Yes, I said product because thinking of a story as a product helps to visualize it as a thing. If you don’t think of a story as a real object, it will never become so.

In my opinion, Writing is about doing. It’s about sitting down and pouring your thoughts out on the Page. It’s about long nights at the keyboard or whatever you’re writing on, trying desperately to push that boulder up the hill in hopes that it will roll down the other side and then repeating the task over and over.

No one can tell you how to be a Writer. Each person’s road is different and there is no silver bullet to Success. It’s rewarding, frustrating, wondrous, and exciting, all at the same time. It’s why I do it and I hope that’s why you do it too.

Ever Forward. 🙂