Why Should I Care About Genres?

I don’t know about you, but after going over the Who, What, and Where of Genres, I’m ready to finish up with the Why and go do some fiction writing. That being said, let’s muster up that last pound and a half of energy and get to it.

Why should we care about Genres?

We should care about Genres because they are part of the literary world that we have chosen to inhabit. They help provide substance and structure, stability and reality, and a very important aspect, dollars and cents.

That last part seemed a bit crass and commercial, didn’t it? I mean, isn’t the point of being creative to share our expressions with the world? Sure, but have you ever tried to eat a book? Or a Kindle? Not very tasty and I’d wager that they’re not very nutritious either.

Like it or not, unless you are independently wealthy or have someone to support you, you will have to earn a living and earning a living means to learn a skill. Writing is as much a skill as it is a calling and skills require learning the tools of the trade.

Knowing the significance of Genres is one of those tools. Now, you can pooh-pooh me on this and that’s fine, but I feel that knowing your workplace and playground is important to getting the most out of it. Money doesn’t have to be your primary motivator. In fact, the less you concern yourself with getting financial gain from this, the better. Do your best and the money will come, and you’ll never feel like you’ve worked a day in your life.

Whew, I’m ready for a drink now. 😉