A Little More About Me

Many who know me personally wouldn’t describe me as particularly modest. Private, yes, but modest, no.

A great way to start an article, right? Well, before I jump into another deep article about writing related topics (and my books), why don’t I give you a chance to get to know the writer behind the fiction.

Of course, you can always read my bio at wwcassjr.com, which is a pretty standard one that I put together for the general public. But what does it all mean and how does it qualify me to write SciFi/Adventure?

I’ve been a storyteller most of my life because I’ve been a reader most of my life. I grew up reading works by Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Issac Asimov, and a large number of the great fiction writers of the 20th Century. They were my teachers, my companions, and my inspirations for the works that I would later create.

I also read up on tons of nonfiction subjects concerning History, Politics, Science, basically a wide range of topics that tripped my trigger at any given moment.

Do I consider myself qualified to write what I write? Absolutely, because to be a writer is to open new worlds with the keys of my imagination and hold the doors open for anyone who wants to visit. I love to write and I love to share my writing with those wish to visit those places that aren’t accessible in our regular lives. I train and practice my craft every day and strive to create the best stories I can.

I don’t consider being a Writer as the end result of experience and training. Being a Writer to me is to draw on the Past in order to speculate on the Future. It doesn’t matter to me whether I make money at it or not because compensation isn’t the point of why I do what I do. I would write no matter what.

I also like chicken, bacon, long walks on the beach, and soulful moments contemplating the mysteries of the Cosmos while perfecting ways to explore the intricacies of existence and making things explode in Space. I think I have the last one figured out…yay Physics…hehe.

Anyway, have a great weekend (got the day right, finally) and Happy Reading. 🙂