Vessel: Far and Away

Finally, I’ll round out the Big Three with a discussion on Vessel and how it applies to the subject of Alternate Realities. Got your popcorn handy? Good. Here we go.

Vessel is unlike Corona and The Three Safeties in a number of important ways. Here are a few highlights:

1) Time Period: Vessel starts ten years after the start of the 22nd Century, placing it in the Year 2110.
2) Place: New Jacksonville, Florida, in an underground city constructed shortly after a devastating twin asteroid strike known as The Geminis.
3) Aliens: Yes, there are aliens. The Sristi are our first known alien contact in this reality and they want to help us in return for a supply of silicon. In other words, they want our sand, which we have in abundance and is just laying around doing nothing.

Vessel’s significance in an alternate reality context is obvious. We know no aliens in our reality, we haven’t been struck by any asteroids in recent history enough to cause any nuclear winters, and as far as I know, there are no underground city shelters.

The common divergence point between Vessel and our reality is when The Geminis strike Earth in 2100. Up to that point, which has not been explored yet, the two realities are identical with the same historical events and the same strengths and weaknesses.

Another major difference between Vessel’s Reality and our own would have to major changes in technology, social order, and political systems. Due to extreme circumstances, it could be assumed that the systems of government we use today were extensively overhauled to deal with governing a new world and new conditions. Remember that I am conjecturing since I haven’t revisited this world in a very long time.

Maybe I should, huh? 🙂