Corona: Where and When?

When discussing alternate realities, it is important to understand a few basic concepts:

1) How does the alternate reality distinguish itself from our own?
2) How radical are the changes in the alternate reality versus our own?
3) Does the alternate reality share a common divergence point with our own?
4) Where does the alternate reality split from our own and become its own separate entity?

Corona is almost a complete copy of our own reality. The larger world history is the same, the major figures are the same, and the places are the same.

However, go to the ground level and you will find differences in technology, some physical attribute changes, and a lot of people and organizations that don’t exist in our reality. For example:

Knowles and Grazzini: Two gentlemen that don’t exist in our reality who work as professional investigators for an organization that also does not exist.

The Fuller Foundation: A philanthropic organization that is dedicated to making the world a better place by fighting Evil and preserving Peace. While they have a public face, many activities are performed in secret and never revealed to the public at large.

Corona’s Alternate Reality diverges from our own in the year 1971, where advanced technology was developed in secret but never revealed to the world at large. You won’t find that information in the book so don’t bother looking…hehe. I’ll probably reveal that in a future sequel. 😉