The Three Safeties: What does it mean?

The Three Safeties’ title was a small departure from my usual title naming habit of picking one-word titles. Why? Because the story demanded that I go with my gut and pick a title that not only caught the eye but made potential readers ponder its significance.

Without going into too much detail, the title is a direct spotlight on a scene that takes place in the story. Does it have any other special meaning? Sure it does and I’ll give you this little spoiler-like definition.

On a .45 caliber automatic handgun, there are three safeties. One is a selector switch, the second is a half-cock where the firing hammer at the end of the slide is placed in a position where it cannot strike the back of the bullet, and finally the third is located at the pistol’s muzzle. Press that in and the weapon will not be able to fire due to something with the action.

There you go, mystery solved.