Corona: What’s In a Name?

While I consider book titles significant, I place them at the end of the creation process. Let’s face it, of all the things that we writers put ourselves through to write a story, slapping a name on it is by and far the easiest part of it all.

I considered a lot of potential titles when I was finishing up the story. Some were much longer, much more involved, but when I got to the name Corona I knew that it had to be the title. To me, the title was synonymous with Aura, that theoretical manifestation of our life force that is supposed to surround us from head to toe and can be seen under certain circumstances. Obviously, Aura was too spiritual for this story so I went with Corona instead. Plus, it seemed catchy and I wanted something that would stick out among the many titles floating around out there. Whether I was successful or not remains to be seen.

In any case, if the effort results in interest in it, then I’ve done my job correctly. If not, then I’ve still done my job correctly.

2 thoughts on “Corona: What’s In a Name?

  1. Corona is indeed catchy, but the first thing that crossed my mind is Corona, the beer brand. You should see if other people have that reaction as well.


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