Corona: Ghosts or Temporal Echoes?

I firmly believe in my heart of hearts that anyone can write a ghost story. Take a dead person’s spirit, attach it to a person, place, or thing. Hilarity ensues.

Now, let’s add a twist to that. What if what you see and think is a ghost but in reality is an echo of the past that’s leaked through a weak point in the fabric of Space-Time? This is one of the central plot devices I thought of when writing Corona.

Let’s face it, ghosts are not hard to write about. Disembodied spirits missing their former lives, having unfinished business in the Corporeal World, or just looking to start some shit because it’s probably boring as Hell being dead. Plus, I hear there’s no bacon so that in itself would be enough to piss me off.

I like the idea of temporal echoes, not because it disregards ghosts, but that it can demonstrate, fictionally, how different time periods can co-exist in the same physical space yet in different dimensions. Of course, I expanded more on the concept in Corona, but the basic gist is there.