Let’s Talk About Corona

First off, let me state that I am not talking about the infinitely tasty beverage…hehe. No, I’m talking about my book, Corona, currently available on Amazon in both Kindle and Print Versions. A good portion of this article are reposts from previous articles. So, without further ado, let us begin:

Corona’s Backstory: Corona is a story that is near and dear to me. Back in 2002, I had left college due to funding issues and had relocated from Ames, IA to San Diego, CA. As you can imagine, moving to a new city with few initial prospects and little faith in my ability as a writer (at the time) was a very daunting set of circumstances. I was out and about one day job hunting when I came across the Hotel Del Coronado. Man, what a beautiful place! While I was there at the Del, I heard the story of Kate Morgan, a young woman who was found dead on the beach of an apparent suicide back in the Day and that got me thinking of writing a ghost story. Of course, I could have easily written a standard ghost story, but I decided to give it something of a SF twist and then Corona was born.

I started by asking myself three questions:

What if ghost sightings were actually echoes of the past?

What if a structure had been built upon a transdimensional nexus?

What if that nexus was used to imprison an evil person’s consciousness?

Once I had answered those three questions, I set about creating Corona’s story world using elements from another story that I had been previously working on. I like to create connections between some stories and this idea seemed perfect to do a few tie-ins. It didn’t take long to write Corona, but unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be a place to shop it due to a limited market at the time. So, it sat in a file on my computer for quite a few years before I decided to self-publish it on Amazon. For all intents and purposes, Corona is my first published work and as such, holds a special place in my heart. It’s an added thrill to be able to share it with the world at large.

The World of Corona: Corona’s story world is a possible future to our own, but with a few twists. Most of the technology, mannerisms, and styles are similar to our own, but there are a few exceptions that exist firmly within the realm of fiction. It’s Speculative Fiction, go figure. 😉 The main story location is the Hotel Maldonado, a historic landmark hotel with something of a ghostly past. Normally, a haunted hotel would put the story right into the Horror or Supernatural Camp, but I like to put my own spin on things so there are wrinkles on the theme that I’m pretty fond of. The most important aspect of Corona’s story world are the characters. They are complex, relatable, and I like to think, truly unique unto themselves. I could go into more detail about them, but they are best when read without prompting.

Corona’s Sequel Potential: Every story has the potential to become a series and this one was originally intended to become a series featuring my intrepid investigators as they delve into various paranormal cases. Obviously, I haven’t done that yet, but the beauty of fiction is that anything is possible.