Book Reviews Wanted

Any writer will tell you, especially those who independently publish, that book reviews are essential to getting the word out there and generate interest.

Personally, I would rather simply write my books, publish them on Amazon and Createspace and leave it at that.

Surprise, surprise though. Even with my mouthy self and my fairly prolific postings on social media and whatnot, I haven’t yet achieved the level of connection that I want.

So, I’m coming to you, my audience and readers. If you have purchased a copy of Corona, The Three Safeties, and Vessel in the past and haven’t posted a review on Amazon, please please do so. The reviews will help me immensely and will help to spread the word.

If you’re worried about hurting my feelings because something about the book bothered you or you felt that it blew chunks, feel free to post that in your review as well. I have a thick skin and would rather have honest reviews than something thrown in there simply to be nice. Rip me to shreds if you feel you need to because pointing out those areas that I’ve come up short in helps me to improve as a writer and I can’t fix something if I don’t know it’s broken. I know I’m probably opening myself up to all kinds of interesting comments, but I knew the potential consequences when I decided to publish.

Much Love to you all and Ever Forward. 🙂

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