Parallax Update #7

Hey Guys,

No excerpt this time, just a few announcements on where I am with Parallax.

1) Word Count: Broke 70,000 words earlier today from a projected target of 87,500. The final count will most likely be higher but this translates down to approximately five more chapters left to go before the current draft is complete and I can start editing and rewriting.

2) Indiegogo: I started the campaign to raise funds for a professional editor and cover designer. The first campaign raised a few dollars, but the current one isn’t doing squat. That’s okay though because nothing ventured nothing gained. I won’t put my books on hold because I can’t afford an expensive editor and cover designer and won’t put myself in extra debt unnecessarily. I have experience in editing and will make the most of what resources I can provide. The stories cost me little to nothing to create and I’ll upgrade as they start to pay for themselves. You can check out the campaign at: Parallax Series Editor and Cover Designer

3) Deadline: I made a vow that I would publish four books by the end of 2015. So far, I have put out three novelettes on Amazon (Still counts), and Parallax is almost finished. I’m currently in the Third Quarter of the year so I don’t have to get Number Four completed until the end of September. My plan is still to get Parallax done by July 31 so there’s still some wiggle room, time-wise.

Well, that’s about it for now. Thanks for your time and feel free to leave comments and suggestions. 🙂