Being a writer

This is one of those gems that absolutely should be shared far and wide. Thanks to Cristian Mihai for the original post. The video didn’t come over with the reblog, so you’ll have to go to Chuck Lorre’s Advice to Writers or the original post.

Cristian Mihai

First, I’d like you to watch this video. It’s really short, and I assure you it won’t be a waste of your time. Then, I’d like to tell you how much I agree with what Chuck Lorre had to say about writing.

I’m an ardent believer in the fact that all great writing comes from a place of truth, from a place well hidden inside our soul. I believe that those elements that are based on our own experiences, faults, and beliefs give substance to a story. I can see many writers who are reluctant about that. I can also understand why. It’s the most difficult thing to do. Once you start writing about yourself, in one way or another, you realize how difficult it really is.

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