Preview: Parallax Chapter 15

Note: Just a snippet from Parallax that I wanted to share with you all. Enjoy. 🙂

Koren shook his head. “That was a scanning system that I have never seen before. To be honest, it burned a little as it passed over me. I think it collected organic samples as it traveled the ship.”
“Uh, Koren? When’s the last time this ship had a full scrub down? I’ve been everywhere on this ship since Mixton and though I don’t know anything about Locknar Physiology, I know for a fact that human shed skin cells and hair. If that thing is collecting organic samples, we may already be screwed.”
Koren cursed and began working the ship controls. Around them, motors whined to no avail as a series of docking clamps held them in place. They heard the sound of airlocks cycling. “No sense hiding, Jack. Get ready to fight.”
Pratt raised his plasma pistol and took cover at an opposite console from the airlock. “Well, shit, Koren, I didn’t want to live forever anyway.”
“Heroic, but foolish, Jack.” Koren said. “We must survive to defeat the enemy.”
“Will you get into the spirit of this?”
“I’d prefer not to assume any spirit form.”
Pratt shook his head as he listened to the airlock cycle.