Free Book Promotion, Day Three

Hi Guys, Wallace here and Day Three has come and gone. Here’s where we stand right now:

Corona: #14,662

The Three Safeties: #11,991

Vessel: #12,628

The Amazon numbers appear to be stabilizing at this point, but I feel good about them because the promotion has generated interest and that’s the whole point of this exercise. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking during this period and to me, putting out the stories was never about getting paid or receiving accolades. It’s about entertaining you guys and the more people who know about me, the better.

To me, this is a milestone because it bears out the results of my work over the past few decades and I’ve always digged the idea of doing my own thing and being my own boss.

Time to slip in a few somewhat related items:

1) Parallax: Work on Parallax is continuing. I’ve fixed the small plot glitch I ran into with Chapter 14 and am almost caught up with the beginning of Chapter 15. The word count is at 53,500 and climbing fast toward the target word count of 87500. I’m anticipating being (FINALLY! Hehe) ready for editor and cover designer by July 7 at the latest.

2) Indiegogo Campaign: The crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to pay for a professional editor and cover designer is still churning up interest. I have faith that my efforts in this regard will bear fruit, but whatever the outc ome, I’ll have the resources to get the job done.

3) Commitment: It took a while, but I’ve finally committed myself to my genre of choice, which is Sci-Fi/Adventure. Those are the kind of stories I love to tell and I think it’s best for me to specialize at this stage of the game. As good a writer as I may think I am, I don’t want to stretch myself too thin.

Anyway, that’s the  highlights of Day Three. Thanks for your time and Ever Forward. 🙂


Free Book Promotion, Day Two

Wallace here, and now that we are at the end of Day Two, here are the current Amazon rankings:

Corona: #16,542

The Three Safeties: #9,234

Vessel: #11,813

Granted, these rankings update hourly, but it gratifies me to know that people appreciate my stories and that appreciation spurs me on to create and publish more.

Thanks, Guys, for your time and Ever Forward. 🙂

Free Book Promotion, Day One

Some of you may know that I started a five day free ebook promotion to generate interest in Corona, The Three Safeties, and Vessel, my first three books now available on Amazon. The response was amazing, to say the least, and it gratified me to know that my work is appreciated out there. Vessel is currently ranked #11,000 at the Kindle Store and I expect Corona and The Three Safeties to follow suit very soon.

What does this mean for the future? It means that I must redouble my efforts to put out quality work and generate interest in said work. After all, you’re my audience and I have a responsibility to entertain you, paid or not.

Ever Forward. 🙂