Insight: Creative Limbo

Ever since I first got into social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the like, I’ve found it very entertaining to interact with other people on the Internet. I’ve met people from various walks of life from Writers to Artists to Gamers to Everyday People. It’s good stuff and a certain level of networking is essential in The Digital Age.
Unfortunately, without a certain level of self-control, it becomes easy to lose oneself in the morass of interesting people and topics. When that happens, writing doesn’t get done, deadlines don’t get met, and we find ourselves playing Catch-Up in order to…well, catch up.
That’s what I call the Creative Limbo, where you are creating but you feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel trying to make progress. In past years, it may have been called Playing Hooky.
It’s all just procrastination and while all work and no play makes Jack and Joan dull puppies, balance must be achieved and that means cracking the whip on yourself. Not to say that writing isn’t fun. It’s the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.
I’ll be putting the blog on hold to finish Parallax during the month of June so I can make my July 7th release date, but I’ll try to sneak a few articles in here and there.
Ever Forward. 🙂