Free Book Promotion, Day Four

Wallace here, with an update on my free ebook promotion for Corona, The Three Safeties, and Vessel.

Numbers always tell a story and these rankings are are no exception:

Corona: #17,492

The Three Safeties: #10,634

Vessel: 14,540

There are a few factors to consider when analyzing this information:
A) the rankings change every hour

B) This is my first promotion

C) I am very new at this aspect of creative writing

D) I have little to no objective standard by which to evaluate these numbers. All I know is that they go up and they go down. There’s no way for me to predict trends using this data.

Another aspect of this promotion so far is that almost 70 combined copies of these books have been downloaded. Granted, that could simply mean that people like free stuff, but I like to think that even with my newness that my writing is appealing to a new audience.

I like where this is going and plan on doing something similar when Parallax goes live. Thanks for your time, Guys, and Ever Forward. 🙂