Insight: Where to Start?

You’ve just finished writing, editing, and rewriting your masterpiece of fiction into it’s purest and most perfect form. You want to get it published but you’re not sure where to go from here. Here are some options that should help you on your way.

You can pursue the Traditional Path, which means submitting query letters to agents and publishers and working on other projects while waiting for either acceptance or rejection. This is the most common path that new writers go down so take heart that you aren’t alone in this option. If you pursue this path, you may wish to avail yourself of the books and publications on sale at I’ve used them for years and found them invaluable as reference tools to find the right markets for your work.

Another option is to self-publish your work. I use the resources at CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to publish my books. They offer a wide range of free and paid services and I’ve never been less than pleased with the end result. There are many others out there, so take your time and find the one that fits you the best. Note: Createspace can connect with KDP as part of its publishing process.

Obviously, this isn’t an all-inclusive list and it isn’t meant to be. Consider it a jumping off point for your writing career and believe me, if you want to be a working writer, you have to start considering it a career.

Comments, suggestions, and questions are encouraged, so let me know how you feel below.

Ever Forward.