Insight: Parallax Update #1

Dear Readers, it’s been a while since I did a full-blown Parallax Update and since I had this blog laying around gathering dust, I figured why not just post the updates here. So, without further ado, here we go:

The Parallax Story originally started as a rewrite of a story that I had written back in 1990 and had sat gathering dust in paper files before I converted it to digital. In February 2014, I took on the task of updating the story and getting it ready to be self-published on Amazon as a full-length novel. It’s now a year later and the story is almost complete, although it went beyond a mere rewrite and became a brand new story in its own right.

I’m okay with that…

At the time of this post, the story is approximately 95% finished and I intend to have it go live on Amazon on or about March 30, 2015. Coincidentally, that is also my birthday but please don’t make a fuss…hehe.

Anyway, this particular post will be the first of several updates that I will be posting as the deadline draws near. I don’t plan on throwing out any spoilers although there will be some indirect story background information that I may accidentally on purpose throw out there for your entertainment so stay tuned or you may miss something interesting.

I also have a sequel in mind for Parallax, but that’s an update for another day. Ever Forward.