Insight: Why I Self-Publish

Happy New Year 2015, and it’s time to hit the ground running…..

Before I start, allow me to thank all of those who have purchased Corona, The Three Safeties, and Vessel from Amazon. It pleases me immensely that you all have enjoyed the stories that I have presented so far and I give you my promise that the best is yet to come. That being said, let’s get on with my first Blog Post for the new year.

I am self-publishing through Amazon. There, I said it. There are many reasons why I chose to present my stories in this way and I suppose the most honest reason is that I’ve not been able to crack the traditional publishing market up to now. Why? My work may not be considered profitable enough for a traditional publisher to risk resources on, I’m not established enough to be a known quantity, or simply that they don’t like my sense of humor. 😉

Whatever the reason, I chose to self-publish because the benefits of sharing my writing with the world outweighed any potential stigma that may still be attached to not going the traditional route. If it were solely about money, I would have abandoned a professional writing career long ago because with my accumulated skills I would have easily picked up a more lucrative occupation.

I would still write though because it’s in my blood and there’s no cure for that sort of infection. You just do it. I will say that I do enjoy having control over my material and taking it from a simple manuscript to a polished book. It doesn’t take away from my creativity. In fact, it enhances it because I KNOW how both sides of the equation work, from writing to editing to formatting to promoting the finished product.

Would I stop should a traditional publisher come my way? Absolutely. However, I deal with the here and now, not the someday might come. Don’t get me wrong, it takes some time and effort to make it happen but making things happen has always been my modus operandi.

Anyway, I have a half-dozen resolutions to keep so it’s back to working on Parallax and a bunch of projects behind it.

Have a great new year and ever forward. 🙂