Opinion: Turn Signals and Chicken Littles

There is a wealth of diversity in the world, which covers the spectrum from Annoyance (Not Good), to Bacon (YUM!), and on and on….

Today’s Opinion article (Article #1, crack that champagne!) will deal with two items that fit into that wealth of global diversity: Turn Signals, as in the kind you use in a vehicle, and Chicken Littles, my pet name for those who go around perpetually prophesying doom and gloom. This series is all in good fun, so if you are one of those people with insecurity-based “trigger” tendencies, unfollow me immediately and go seek professional help.

Topic #1: Turn Signals:
Pretty straightforward devices, actually. Usually found mounted on vehicles and are used to indicate a turn, usually right or left, or an emergency via four way flashers. As safety equipment goes, they serve an extremely valuable function because they allow a form of nonverbal communication and prevent death or injury by allowing us to indicate our directional intentions.

So why are there so many people out there who don’t use them?
Honestly, this one tends to boggle my mind because one would think it common sense to do a thing that keeps us safe and sound. But it happens way more than you may think and a good portion of the time, an accident occurs. Are these people crazy? Maybe. Mental cases? Perhaps. Negligent? Absolutely.

Fortunately, people like these are grist for my mill and give me material to ping on. Thanks, Guys. 🙂

Topic #2: The Chicken Littles:

These people are near and dear to my heart. Once upon a time, you used to see them standing on street corners, wearing sandwich signs, and shouting from the top of their lungs that “The End of The World is Nigh”. They were mostly harmless in the Pre-Internet Age, but since cyberspace became popular, these individuals, unbalanced and otherwise, have spread like a case of the clap across the digital landscape, promoting paranoia, hate, discontent, and fear to anyone who will give them the time of day. The Chicken Littles tend to manifest themselves in a number of ways:

1. Conspiracy Theories:  Shadowy deception (Government, Secret Societies, etc) are out to bring an end to Civilization as we know it. My Illuminati buddies hate these.

2. The Jews: Honestly, this crap has been floating around since Christ was nailed to a piece of cedar. Leave the Jews alone. Just. Stop.

3. Etc: This is a catchall category because it doesn’t take much to be a Chicken Little. All you need is a catchy hook, some gullible followers, and a lot of time to work on your message.

Okay, not the most auspicious beginning, but I have a ton of time to make improvements. Until next Thursday, be well and be skeptical.