Insight: The Three Safeties

The Three Safeties is an interesting story because at the time it was written, I was experimenting with introducing more darker elements in my stories. I dug deep when I wrote this particular story because I wanted to convey the feeling of someone who had lost everything that they held dear in their lives and had no hope left.

At its core, the story is about choices and how they can affect not only our own lives, but the lives of those around us. Those who have read the story picked up on the central theme and have relayed to me how much it resonated with them. That gratifies me, because I’m always striving to create deeper meanings with my writing and take my readers to a new level.

Anyway, this is a short post today because I’m in it up to my elbows with Parallax and need to get back to it. The next Insight article will talk about Vessel. Until then, have a great day and stay positive.